The New Mexico Behavioral Health Providers Association, funded by the state HSD Behavioral Health Services Division, has prepared a You-Tube presentation to help behavioral health providers prepare their organizations for the upcoming, October 1 mandatory transition to DSM 5 and ICD 10. This training is specifically designed for behavioral health administrators and clinicians as an overview to increase their understanding of the pending changes and prepare for minimum disruption during the transition.

This training:

  • is suitable for anyone involved in behavioral health treatment, claims processing, and program integrity in a variety of sites
  • references official sites on the DSM5 and ICD 10 transition, and is not meant to substitute for official information
  • is free to anyone who receives the following link: DSM-5 & ICD-10 Training Video

  1. Click on Play All to start the presentation. There are three parts to the training. You will see a PowerPoint and will hear a narrative for each part You can pause, stop and start the presentation whenever you wish.
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  3. To download and print: Each part has a brief description. Find and click on the Bit-ly link in each part's description to see a downloadable and printable copy of the PowerPoint. This must be done part by part, not all three parts at once.
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  5. CEU's and Training evaluation: To receive CEU's, you must complete the survey at the end of the training. In the Part 3 description find the Survey Monkey link. Fill out the Survey Monkey completely. You will receive your CEU's within approximately 4 weeks.
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  7. Questions and feedback. If you identify more issues with the October 1 transition than are presented in the training, please e-mail me or Dr. David Ley directly at or

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